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PUFFCO - The Proxy

PUFFCO - The Proxy

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PUFFCO - The Proxy
The Puffco Proxy is the result of a brand that really cares about what and how they make their product. The Proxy is a premiere concentrate vaporizer that will introduce you to a world of up there you never knew existed. Actually taste your rosin, every hit brings out the complexity of the concentrate and if concentrates have you down and are just overall too messy, this is the solve all vaporizer. Complete with silicone fittings over incredible product design. It's easy to use and clean. The last vaporizer you'll ever need.

The Proxy is incredibly easy to use. Push the single-button to interface with several temperature settings, let go on the temp you desire and release, now she bakes. An obvious vibration lets you know when the 3D Chamber is ready to dispense the flawless vapor from the flowing golden lava. NOW! Enjoy the best hit you’ve ever had on something so compact and practical. Every note of the concentrate is punctuated, it’s incredible. It’s a must have device that brings joy back to concentrates. Time to meet your Proxy. Be brave.

Available in: Black & Desert

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