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EBCREATE BC5000 - Coffee Tobacco
Does EBDesign offer any tobacco flavors? Umm, the best in the game, genuinely cared for and developed tobacco flavors have been a hit and miss for a lot of companies but would you expect anything less than a sophisticated aroma with subtle hints of flavors that frankly you only find in actual cigars and maybe wine. This is a connoisseur's flavor. If you want to quit smoking, this is the route. It has somewhat mildly complex tobacco taste as if it was driven straight from the earth itself only to be lightly whisked away by a gracious hint of coffee that leaves the taste far more sophisticated than would ever be predicted for a lil ole' vape. They're cranking the hits out.

EBCREATE BC5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vapes are ready for SHIPPING. Equipped with a Type-C Charging port, Elf Bar is changing the game with it's BC5000. A Disposable Pod that delivers 5,000 effortless puffs. You get the whole pen cause once the battery starts blinking you can just recharge it. Will be good till the very last puff.

• 13 ml of premium juice

• 650mAh Battery

• 5% Salt Nicotine

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